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Friday, October 18, 2019  

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G'day, Mark Robinson Signs was established in 1986 and is operated by husband and wife team Mark & Jodie Robinson. We have worked in all areas of the sign industry, from boats, vehicles, to large commercial projects.
About July 2008 we decided to branch out into a product line which was always our own personal hobby of enamel signs. We always had a couple of signs hanging on our verandah & in our garage, until it was suggested to us that we should offer them for sale. In a very short period of time the interest was overwhelming, so we decided to produce repro enamel signs on a full time basis.
We certainly respect the collectors of original enamel signs, but they are not always affordable for most people or your choice of sign is not readily available, so we hope to fill in some of those gaps, we will continue to expand our range as we discover signs we like or are asked to do. We now post worldwide, so we are only an email or phone call away
Hope to hear from you soon,
Mark & Jodie Robinson
Below are some of our signs in Lyle Ross's shed on the Gold Coast